Friday, August 20, 2010


So anyone who knows me or follow my work knows I have a MAJOR boot obsession! It is probably one of the only things in my whole wardrobe I use year round. I think they look amazing with jeans and cargo pants. They are long lasting and give you that rugged edgy feel. They come is every shape size and color imaginable. Buckles, zippers, studs and fur can adorn them.  Whether they are waterproof, suede, leather, calf hair or just a amazing pair of dress wingtips I probably have them! I am getting close to 200 pairs and this season isn't helping any......

I am currently obsessed with Cole Haan's fall/winter boot collection and a tad bit of last year's is still sticking around. They have some amazing classic pieces that i wanted to share with everyone!
Enjoy! to purchase these pieces.

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