Tuesday, February 7, 2012


As I sit here in my Oversized Emporio Armani sunglasses and Gold Michael Kors runway watch, I go to thinking who inspires this outfit the most? Well considering I have already done a blog on Fashion Icon Rachel Zoe there is none other than Victoria Beckham herself. The beautiful bombshell that was once part of the Spice girls that transpired into this Fashion Icon/Mogul! She is like a Butterfly changing from a edgy popstar into this chich classic woman and trendsetter! Married to the everso famous David Beckham he helps complete her look but she can stand all by herself as apowerful force! She is Family Oriented, Business savvy and Rocks her looks with confidence! I was read a interview with her and she had said " People think all I do all day is go shopping while David makes all the money!" With her Various brands and Fashion labels under her name she has since proved the haters wrong! Her Clothes sell out in a matter of 24 hours on
Net-A-Porter proving that she is a major brand and her clothes can last you years of classic use! The thing I love about her is she is like a cameleon blending in where ever possible but still making that amazing statement! Victoria keep doing your thing cause you are making history!!!!!!!

Sean Fox

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