Saturday, August 20, 2011


Rachel Zoe is one of my BIGGEST Fashion Icon's EVER! Then Kate Moss. Rachel Zoe is my inspiration for my Fashion world. Known as one of the biggest and best Stylist's in Hollywood nothing is too big for Rachel. Her Clients include some of the world famous such as: Kate Hudson, Demi Moore, Joy Bryant, Molly Sims, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes and Many more. She has worked with Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan in the past but caught grief by the media as being the instigator of their Skinnyness. I personally think that the media is full of shit. Rachel has always naturally been skinny. That isn't what this blog is about though. I wanted to not only present to everyone her amazing personal style and some of the inspiration to my style but to do a feature on her newest line of Accessories. She is also doing clothes but I am a accessory whore so that is what I am going to D-I-E for! Rachel is a lot like me where as she likes Bold bright colors, huge sunglasses, oversized bags ( such as the infamous Birkin she is always carrying) and her love for a platform is BEYOND. One of her Favorite brands is Missoni, Chanel ( which she will be buried in ) Louis Vuitton, and of course Hermes. She is all about the WOW factor when styling and as you can see she has done that with her new line of accessories. She has some references of her favorites such as high platforms, Birkin bag styles and her signature 70's Bohemian look that she masters so well. I could go on and on about her and some day i hope to be able to work with her. No one understands me and my style better than she would. Thank you rachel Zoe for your amazing eye for fashion and over the top looks!  Let's go Bananas!

Sean Fox

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