Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I wanted to do a special spotlight feature on this current shoe by Christian Louboutin. I have been working in fashion for a long time and every season it gets to be the same thing redone here and there......... BUT every now and again I am in shock and awe because a designer will do something completely different, unique and beautiful. That is why I created this blog, Not only to show you pieces to work in your everyday wardrobe but pieces you will cherish for a lifetime. This shoe created by Christian Louboutin is sooooooooo beautiful I had to share it with all of you! I love the elegance but the edge of it at the same time. You can wear this with a pair of Leather Leggings or a beautiful tulle dress created by Valentino. I love the mesh sides and the twisted detail and knotting of it. His Red Bottom signature just accentuates the shoe that much more because it's black. I think this scream a little hint of 17th Century France with a Modern twist and beauty! I am so sorry to Say This but Manolo Blahnik step aside because Louboutin is making his mark in the shoe world. ( I still Love Manolo's don't get me wrong.)

Sean Fox

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