Friday, August 16, 2013


I am going to veer off the beaten path for a minute because I feel that my life lesson needs to be heard. To inspire others, maybe even change their life.

5 or 6 years ago I moved to Las Vegas after a VERY tough and challenging year of experiences from my best friend ( my dog ) dying as well as my Manager of the store I was working at. Also after a charity collaboration that turned into a fraudulent NIGHTMARE of which the person I knew tried to steal my money and identity. In turn I did what I knew best to cope with the challenges and struggles. I went shopping. Oh yeah need I not forget one of my best friends moved away as well. I put myself in a TON of debt and then moved to Las Vegas carrying it all after being in charge of the store for a Year without a manager. Once I moved here not only did I have my own personal and Financial demons to deal with but being in a new city not knowing anyone and learning the ins and outs of one of the fastest paced city's in America. I put my heart and soul into the new job, dealing with shady people, thiefs, frauds and liars. I learned really quickly that you either Sink or Swim here. After living in my new place for 3 months my Landlord had basically in a nut shell let me know I had been paying him for nothing as he was not paying the mortgage and was just taking my money. What a Disaster, I had to move to a shit hole of an Apartment, with credit card debt through the roof, not a friend in the world to look to for help and on top of it my car was falling apart. This story has a point I promise! My parents eventually learned of my struggles and decided to help me by buying a home here for dirt cheap which in turn lowered my rent so I could get ahead.  I still had my challenges at my job with a stress level that could move a mountain. The economy collapsing left little money for payroll and no coverage leaving a majority of the workload on me. Being dedicated as I was I worked my ass off and got the job done. I in turn did what a lot of people in the workforce do which was felt entitled to a position that was a promotion after working and showing my loyalty. Needless to say I got passed over not once but twice. By then I had enough and left a job I had been at for at the time probably 6 years. Went to work for a VERY big Fashion house and that lasted no longer than a month. Again I ran into backstabbers and shady people but most of all felt that if they were not going to give me a chance and be patient while I learned they didn't deserve me. I went back to work for my Old company. The change made me learn something really valuable and open my eyes that life is not all about WORK and your work doesn't typically invest into you like you do for it. I came back with a new view and a new attitude. Although grateful that I was able to come back it was then and there I decided I was not going to break my neck like I did before. I am not saying don't be dedicated to what you do or be passionate but there is a fine line between working and being taken advantage of. In between this time and now I have still had my fallouts with friendships, relationships and the work of building my life back up and getting everything in order but in this time and with my struggles I decided to put my energy into things I had more control over in my life like for instance this blog. This blog came about after working a year as a Fashion Editor for a Online magazine that failed. After basically being fired and not having any compensation that is how A Fashionable Life was born.  I also a Year and a Half ago created my own Shoe Company Baxter Shoes which again came to me that it was something I am passionate about and have 100% control over. The moral of this story is that you control your happiness and destiny and that no matter how tough things can be ( and trust me there were days of utter depression) you can make it through. I now am not only enjoying my job again ( because I learned not to be SO personal) but I am moving back home to my Family, My credit cards are all closed and paid back as much as I could pay. I have a new car and cash in the bank despite my urges to shop constantly because as you know I LOVE FASHION.  It took me years to reach the top, a year to destroy all my hard work and then 5 to 6 years to fix it all. I have been through so much from death to Financial Hardship to personal struggles but I feel that it was all for a reason to get me to where I am today and to not take the REAL people in your life for granted. Live life to the fullest because it can be gone tomorrow and live every minute FASHIONABLY!


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