Wednesday, January 30, 2013


JANET JACKSON : Riveting, thrilling, sexy, hitmaker, trend setter, fashion designer, pushes boundaries and so much more!

This woman to me is the whole reason why I started doing what I do. My old Dance teacher Jillian works for her and I was so thrilled to hear the news because she is such a hard worker when it comes to dancing. Janet is one of those amazing women who has transformed over the decades and gets better and better. I love her style because its so diverse. So can go from a 3 piece suit to a pair of ripped jeans and a biker jacket in 3 seconds and it all looks good on her. She is beautiful inside and out, sweet and innocent on the outside and a badass behind closed doors. I love her to death! She has one of the most amazing Birkin collections to boot too! Gotta love Hermes. I would say her Fashion style is as versatile as her career. Her personality shines through her wardrobe. I chose my favorite looks from her over the years and wanted to share this with you. It was supposed to be Feb. Fashion Icon but was too excited so am sharing it early. Love you Janet!


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