Thursday, May 31, 2012


Rihanna is one of the biggest Fashion Game changers next to Lady Gaga. To be daring and unique is what makes a Fashion Icon. To step outside the box and help create history is what makes a Icon. Bold, Exclusive, turning heads where ever Rihanna goes is her trademark from her soultry to her racy looks all the way to the ever changing of her hairstyles she makes the list of Fashion Icon. I personally love her edgy looks with the leather, spikes and motorcycle boots but what you decide is totally up to you. She will forever be known for pushing the envelope and setting the bar as high as it can go when it comes to Fashion.

Sean Fox

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  1. There are so many woman's and teenage girl will follow the fashion of celebrities. Rihana is the most famous actress which is known as a fashion icon.

    Russell Solomon