Friday, September 2, 2011


THIS IS THE MOMENT WE ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!! THE SAPPHIRE ISSUE. Here at A Fashionable Life The Sapphire Issue is our Version of Vogue's September Issue. This is where all of Fall's most anticipated pieces are put together for the ultimate shopping and search experience! This issue kinda saves you the hassle of going through racks, websites and so forth to find what your looking for. I have single handly picked this myself and brought them to you. With my extensive background in the Fashion world these are some of my Top Picks and most sought after pieces in the industry. I hope you have your personal shoppers on speed dial cause once this issue is released along with the rest of the Fashion magazine world these pieces are sure to blow off the shelves so don't wait too long! Early Christmas presents for everyone is what I am thinking..... ENJOY THIS AMAZING FALL SEASON OF FABULOUS FASHION!!!!!

Sean Fox


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