Thursday, March 31, 2011


Shorts are a MUST for summer, Especially here in Las vegas. It is so damn hot! Shorts used to be uber boring but the more fashion gets back to being unique and sets the designers apart from eachother again the better clothing and accessories become. Fashion is all about your perception and interpretation but you always want those pieces that are different, Unique, and not something everyone has. If I buy designs from major Stores like H&M or Target I always make sure to wait awhile before I wear it so it is out of circulation and you won't end up at a party with the same thing as someone else. Fashion is a object for self expression and to let the world know this is who I am. Shorts nowadays are adorned, zipped, studded, ripped, Dyed, Printed, Classic, or even have a ombre effect to them. Some of the companies that make great Denim Shorts is 7 for All Mankind, Current Elliott, and Calvin Klein. For the more sophisticated woman a dressier short such as pieces from Ralph Lauren Black label might be more suiting. Whatever your style may be for summer make sure you cool and Hip. Shorts will NEVER go outta style and you can never have too many!

Stay Cool and in the Shade!

Sean Fox.

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